OTHER AMERICANS – “Salt Mines (SparklingDoom Remix by Mensa Deathsquad)” video released; self-titled EP out tomorrow


Just a few days before the release of their second self-titled EP (out October 1, 2019), OTHER AMERICANS are teaming up with Ghettoblaster to premiere the hypnotic video for their song “Salt Mines (SparklingDoom Remix by Mensa Deathsquad)”. This is one of the four remixed tracks on the new EP, courtesy of guitarist Brandon Philips’ EDM project, MENSA DEATHSQUAD, who add their own rhythmic electro flair to the neon-noir synth-drenched tracks of Other Americans.

The band explained the video to Ghettoblaster:

In 2019 America, icons are, at once, kind of cool and also verging on oppressive. At the same time that an ever-expanding new language of digital hieroglyphs is fun and exciting to the intellect, it’s also pretty clear that these little fuckers are controlling us more and more all the time. To nutshell Other Americans’ collaboration with artist/animator Monica Wynn on the video for ‘Salt Mines (Sparkling Doom Remix)’, we basically asked, ‘Could there be an entire video of just modern icons that turns this iconographic beast against its capitalist masters in tech and advertising? Could that be cool?

And Monica was all, ‘By cool, do you mean dark, sexy and subversive as fuck?’
And we were like, ‘Um yeah.’
And Monica was all, ‘Done.’
And we were like, ‘Woah. Is that mind control?’
And Monica was all, ‘Do you feel super turned-on and anti-capitalist?’
And we were like, ‘Yeah.’
And Monica was all, ‘Yeah, I dunno. Maybe.’

Watch the “Salt Mines (SparklingDoom Remix
by Mensa Deathsquad)” video below!

Launching a retro-futuristic attack on synth-drenched electro rock, OTHER AMERICAN‘s second self-titled EP dives head first into the delicate balance between love and power. Featuring members of such iconic Kansas City/Lawrence bands as The Architects, The Gadjits, Radar State, and Late Night Callers, Other Americans will be releasing the EP on October 1, 2019.

Kicking off with “Neon Sunrise,” the track invokes an 80’s-splashed ride in a convertible with the top down at dawn, Other Americans basking in the early morning glow. “Salt Mines” wears its nostalgic synth-influenced electro-pop vibes on its sleeve while Julie’s ascending vocals plead with a loved one on the verge of leaving. The early 00’s rock swagger of “Runaway King” will drill into the head of any listener, and the pulsating house music-inspired “Memory” is perfect for the midnight dancefloor crowd, showcasing flashes of A-Trak and Tiësto. The EP ends on the shady, saw-toothed “Ship Of The Desert” spotlighting Julia’s sultry vocals alongside pounding synths that give the track an aggressive edge.

Other Americans have also announced two shows in Kansas City at RecordBar on October 9th and MiniBar on October 19th, where they’ll be bringing their smoke veiled neon-noir brilliance to the stage.

Other Americans‘ second self-titled EP will be released on October 1, 2019.

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