OTHER AMERICANS – Synth-Drenched Second Self-Titled EP out Today, October 1st

“Other Americans, the second self-titled EP from a band of the same name, lands October 1 as one of the strongest records of the year. The 5-track + 3 remix collection makes up in hooks, power, sweetness, and stardust for what it lacks in length”. –Popdose

“Other Americans sets the stage for what eagerly comes next, and whatever that may be, there’s little doubt that it will be extremely interesting”. –Altwire

“Julia Berndsen’s vocals are a revelation, capturing rock swagger and confidence”. –Get Some Magazine

Today, OTHER AMERICANS are unleashing their retro-futuristic attack on hypnotic electro rock with their second self-titled EP. Featuring members of such iconic Kansas City/Lawrence bands such as The Architects, The Gadjits, Radar State, and Late Night Callers, Other Americans have truly hit their stride on this release, hearkening such acts Garbage, Goldfrapp, and a pinch of Yeah Yeah Yeah’s in one cohesive package.

The band has also announced two Kansas City shows in October – the first being October 9, 2019 at recordBar, and then their Album Release Party at miniBar on October 19, 2019

The new EP expands on the immersive collection of songs from their first release (2018’s first self-titled Other Americans), introducing another side of the band that sees them upping the ante with slicker production while carrying the same self-titled badge. The Other Americans EP includes five brand new songs as well as three additional remixes courtesy of guitarist Brandon Phillips‘ EDM project MENSA DEATHSQUAD.

The EP starts off with “Neon Sunrise,” a song that lives up to its namesake, invoking a New Wave-tinged synthpop post-party comedown at dawn. “Salt Mines” takes things in a darker direction but still wears its nostalgic synth-influenced electro-pop vibes on its sleeve, this time positing you on a dance floor at midnight amid other revelers clad in black. The early 00’s rock swagger of “Runaway King” transitions into the pulsating and visceral House-inspired “Memory” before culminating in the shady saw-toothed closing track “Ship Of The Desert” spotlighting singer Julie Bernsden’s sultry vocals.

Track Listing:

  1. Neon Sunrise
  2. Salt Mines
  3. Runaway King
  4. Memory (Mensa Deathsquad Remix)
  5. Ship Of The Desert
  6. Neon Sunrise (GlitchJoy Remix by Mensa Deathsquad)
  7. Runaway King (BootlickerSub4Dom Remix by Mensa Deathsquad)
  8. Salt Mines (SparklingDoom remix by Mensa Deathsquad)

“Our process definitely got more fun in writing this record – there was way less hemming and hawing about direction and more following the path of whatever felt good to play,” says guitarist Brandon about the recording process for the EP. “I got to play sitar-style parts. I got to play slashy, angular Gang of Four/Wire type guitar bits. I got to play giant-ass Lady Gaga synths. Getting to do all those things on one record is so close to Paradise Syndrome for me that I’m worried I’ll sound like a dick talking about it.”

Julie shared her excitement about the Mensa Deathsquad remixes noting, “Brandon took a different approach to each of the songs and made them truly into dance tracks.” Brandon added, “This was something that should have happened on the last record. We talked about it but it never came true. I am eternally grateful for bandmates that can indulge me this way because I just love the way the remixes came out.”

With this new self-titled EP, Other Americans have flawlessly married anthemic 80’s attitude with futuristic production and sheen, emerging with a unique voice all their own. Other Americans‘ second self-titled EP is out TODAY October 1, 2019.

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