POLLYANNA: new album + single

NJ four piece Pollyanna has announced its brand new album “Slime”, set to be released on June 17th via I Surrender Records.

POLLYANNA: new album

Announces New Album
Out June 17, 2022 via I Surrender Records 

New Single + Music Video “SLUT”Premiering Now on PAPER

Bold, brash, and unapologetic, NJ four piece Pollyanna has today announced its brand new album Slime, set to be released on June 17th via I Surrender Records.

Additionally, the band has shared the new single + music video “SLUT,” premiering now on PAPER. Shot in a strip club and featuring grungier guitars, “SLUT” is an anthem of sex positivity – shares vocalist Jill Beckett:

“’SLUT’ is a really special song to me, especially since it was a song that was written over years of re-writing it, changing the concept, and so many different self-discoveries that were made during the writing process of it. There’s truly multiple meanings to this song and the most important one being, why does the word “slut” have such a negative connotation in the world? Why on earth were men raised to have sex with multiple partners for self fulfillment and receive massive societal praise around that but when it’s a woman or non-male that’s doing it, it’s gross, not classy, slutty, trashy, and unattractive? Why is slutty and trashy a thing people are afraid of being called?

Because to me, if I see a person who is comfortable in their own body to wear loud and abrasive clothing and openly talk about sex positively and what that is called is a slut, sign me up! We’re so afraid as a feminine community to be loud about things generations taught us to be quiet about when in a factual sense, all of those things are unhealthy to not be open with!

Beckett continues: “I mainly wrote this song because I want to reclaim this “negative” word in society and make it something positive especially as a queer person and hopefully inspire others to unlearn the idea of being slutty and sex positive is a bad thing. As a person of the queer polyamorous community, I choose to be very vocal on these topics especially in this song speaking about society cramming us into a box of how we should and shouldn’t be and also the struggle to feel comfortable and confident in our bodies and minds. In the song, I wrote a lot about yearning to be free physically and emotionally from societal standards and also as a feminine person, not needing to be saved or validated by someone else to feel whole. This song is more than just an anthem for all my fellow sex positive individuals, it’s a movement for breaking free out of the box we were built to live in. So go and wear those fishnets to the grocery store in pride!” 

Fans can expect more music soon, and look forward to seeing new songs live later this year as Pollyanna hits the road with Forever Came Calling.

To pre-order / pre-save Slime, please visit: https://orcd.co/pollyannaslime. For a full list of shows, please see below or visit: www.wearepollyanna.com/tour

About Pollyanna:

Pollyanna is a four piece band from New Jersey composed of lead vocalist and guitarist Jill Beckett, percussionist Daniel McCool, bassist Brandon Bolton, and guitarist Jack Rose.

With sounds of power-pop, loud rock, bubble grunge, and punk influences, their name is directly derived from the dictionary definition, “to be unreasonably or illogically optimistic” – perfectly describing front-person Jill Beckett’s ‘stuck in 2017’ incredibly optimistic attitude.

After meeting in the first grade, Dan and Jill started the band at just 13 years old, eager to create and play music that would reach audiences beyond the confines of Jill’s open garage doors. Brandon made them a trio in early 2019, bringing 90’s femme punk influence to the group. At the start of 2021, Jack completed the bands’ lineup, adding his elemental stabby guitars and love for shoegaze and metal into the mix.

After completing almost 5 tours around the east coast and the midwest, Pollyanna has won over a following in the New Jersey music scene along with cities in the tri-state and beyond. They plan on leaving a unique mark in the music industry.

Slime Tracklist:

1. Pixie
3. Lush
4. Smile
5. Mars
6. Pathetic
7. Okay.
8. Pasadena
9. Relationship Anxiety
10. Acid Song
11. Jado
12. who do you want me to be?

For More Information, please visit:

Website: www.wearepollyanna.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pollyannanj
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pollyannanj
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thisispollyanna
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@jillfrompollyanna
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2y69gaZL8wD15wSB2Vl188

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