Redbud unveils new single Franny
Debut EP, Long Night, out 2/24

Good Eye Records share Franny, the latest single from rising Austin-based group Redbud. It’s off of their debut EP, Long Night, which is out February 24th.

The song premiered over on Under The Radar Magazine where the band’s Katie Claghorn detailed, “I wrote this song about my cat. My big, silver, mischievous barnyard cat, Francis.

I scooped Franny the kitten from an apartment complex during 2020. He was offered to me in a Facebook group after I posted about finally being ready to care for a furry friend during the Q. As Franny aged, the necessary flea baths grew more and more difficult as he grew more and more aware of what drawing a bath meant for him. He looked so pathetic one day during his flea bath that I began to sing him a lullaby.

I sang the tune (which became the verse melody) to myself for a few months before finally forcing myself to sit down and find some chords that worked alongside it.”

Redbud is the brainchild of Claghorn who crafts intimate sonic portraits with whimsical, psychedelic tones and meditative, soul-exposing lyrics. Born out of pandemic, the group has blossomed into a four-piece and has become a rising staple of the Austin scene, most recently supporting Wild Pink and Why Bonnie. Long Night stands as their cohesively kaleidoscopic vision as well as a trail-sign for where their path leads in the future.

UTR hailed Redbud’s latest oput saying it, “weaves together elastic guitar lines, sweet and unexpected melodies, and danceable rhythms, carving a welcome place for the band in the burgeoning Austin indie scene”

REDBUD: unveils new single "Franny"
REDBUD: unveils new single “Franny”

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