SABBATH ASSEMBLY premiere new website, new video – prepare for tour + THE END


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Brethren, as it is.


On this day, December 21, 2012, SABBATH ASSEMBLY, in representation of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, is proud to announce THE END.


“The Process is the End; the Final Ending of the world of men. It is the agent of the End, the instrument of the End and the inexorable Power of the End.”

-Robert De Grimston, 1967, designed by Karla Lemus, launches today, offering an unprecedented collection of hymns, teachings, and prayers of the Process Church – an Apocalyptic, Gnostic Church active in the ’60s and ’70s that espoused the peculiar theology of worshiping Christ and Satan, Lucifer and Jehovah. Also available are links to the music of SABBATH ASSEMBLY, who perform the hymns of this mysterious Church, as well as upcoming live dates of the band, which include:


“The Unification Tour” EUROPE 2013


*with Uhrijuhla

10.4.2013 Turku, FI – Klubi


*with Hexvessel

11.04.2013 Helsinki, FI – Kuudes Linja,

12.04.2013 Oulu, FI – Nuclear Nightclub

13.04.2013 Jyväskylä, FI – Lutakko

15.04.2013 Warshaw, PL – Harenda

16.04.2013 TBA. PL

17.04.2013 Hamburg, GER – Hafenklang

18.04.2013 Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia,

19.04.2013 Tilburg, NL – Roadburn Festival



ChiarAlice Lorenzini of Milano, Italy, has directed a new visual adaptation of the song “We Come From the One” from SABBATH ASSEMBLY‘s latest album, “Ye Are Gods”, released in September by SVART and THE AJNA OFFENSIVE. The video pairs the liturgical text of the Process Church with the pure magic ritual energy of the 1907 film Le Spectre Rouge, and can be viewed here:


So be it!

Sabbath Assembly

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