Happy Release Day!
Today, vicious metal queen SCARLET from Sweden presents her first ever album »Obey The Queen«!

The debut album »Obey The Queen« flawlessly exemplifies the complexity and duality of Scarlets being. Her outer beauty and her inner chaos. Her kindness and her evil. Her forgiveness and her taste for blood. She is a gorgeous creature that personifies the darkest, ugliest corners of the human mind and she is never who you think she is.
“Making this album I had to go deep deep down to the darkest, most painful place inside me. Dig
through memories hidden behind walls of thorns. Unbury years of tormented rage. It almost killed me. Through survival comes greatness. I want this record to inspire people to be themselves. To live free. »Obey The Queen« is a mark in history. A world domination. It’s a new world now”

Every song on the album portraits a time or situation of change in Scarlets life. She writes mostly
alone in her mansion up in the cold north but some of the songs like ‘#bossbitch‘ and ‘Beauty &
Beast‘ she has teamed up with some of sweden’s most famous song writers in the genre.

Stream, Purchase »Obey The Queen« now: https://SCARLET.lnk.to/ObeyTheQueen