After their successful crowdfunding campaign in December 2018, Scarlet Stories records their debut-album at Sandlane Recording Facilities in 2019!

On 19th September 2019 Scarlet Stories will release their album called “Necrologies” at Willem-Twee Poppodium, Den Bosch (NL)! The entire album will be performed.

More information on guest act will follow soon.

Purchase your tickets at (only €5,-)

Scarlet Stories
Powerful, dynamic vocals and melancholic melodies blended with temperamental chords create sinister tales and carry you away into the stories told.

Scarlet Stories explores the dark corners of the world in their progressive, eclectic music; one moment fragile and delicate and the other intense, passionate and fierce!

Check out our single ‘Vingt Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers’!

“Necrologies” album cover:

Line Up:

Bram te Kamp | (acoustic) guitar
Lisette van den Berg | vocals and lyrics
Tim Kuper | drums
Carmen Raats | guitar
Maarten Grimm | bass
Sophie Ansems | violin + backing vocals