Inspired by Scandinavian culture and Norse mythology, French astonishing musical hit SKÁLD unveils second single from upcoming album.

In the two years since its inception, SKÁLD has taken an unexpected path through the international musical landscape by breathing new life into the Viking spirit. The band have enjoyed a huge success worldwide with its debut recording Vikings Chant (100 million streams, 45 million YouTube views and 80,000 album sales). They have also performed live at major European festivals, thrilling fans at Hellfest in France, Wacken in Germany and Rock Oz’Arènes in Switzerland with their unique style and sound. 

SKÁLD is returning with a new album, Vikings Memories, due for release on October 9. After revealing a first track, ‘Fimbulvetr‘, a few weeks ago, the band is back with a second single, ‘Grótti’. 

Second single ‘Grótti’ was released on September 18th.

Lyrics video has been just published:

Through their music, SKÁLD takes inspiration from the poetry of the ancient skalds who sang and told stories of the Vikings and their gods. Their music is characterized by singing in Old Norse and the use of ancient instruments including shamanic drums, talharpa, jouhikko and more. For their new album, SKÁLD are moving away from Earth and Fire to focus on the element of Water, responding to the call of the seas with original compositions which offer a rich and evocative soundscape. So, if you’re not afraid to return through time in the company of oarsmen searching for lands of ice and the three magic lights of the Bifröst, and if you’re ready to face a destiny engraved in stone amid the howling winds that keep company with the approaching winter, you should board the legendary vessels of the ancient Norsemen with SKÁLD, and listen to the message that they have for us.

About SKÁLD :

Their first album, Vikings Chant, directly influenced by the Nordic sagas, conjured up a universe of forgotten worlds with a blend of tribal sounds and powerful voices. It also proved to be a musical hit, with more than 100 million streams worldwide, 45 million YouTube views and over 80,000 albums sold. SKÁLD have given numerous live performances in France (including a key appearance at the Hellfest), as well as Germany (Wacken), Portugal, Russia and Switzerland.

2020 sees the release of their second album, Vikings Memories, via Decca Records France, followed by a European tour in 2021. Tracklisting & artwork :

Vikings Memories
01. Fimbulvetr
02. Jörmungrund
03. Grótti
04. Norðrljós
05. Sækonungar
06. Þistill Mistill Kistill
07. Sólarljóð
08. Víðförla
09. Hafgerðingar
10. Í dansinum
11. Nýr