Hailing from Chile, Symphonic melodic metal discovery Slaverty signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the CD distribution of their new album “Beyond Imagination”. More news coming soon! Band statement: “We are delighted to be part of WormholeDeath Record label, they’ve cared about us, our music, and our future as musicians. As artists, we know that this is a good opportunity to reach our goals. A Small Step in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your career…Thank you WHD” “Beyond Imagination” will be available on 27 11 2020 on all digital platforms worldwide.

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2.Fairyland (Feat. Rod/Cries)

3.The Biggest Mistake


5.Be Free


7.So Close To Me (feat. Ives Gullé)

8.The Beauty Of Life

9.Unconscious Reality

10.The Enchanted Forest (Feat. Ives Gullé)

About Beyond imagination:

“Beyond Imagination” is an album that invites you to open your mind and enjoy the transitions that each song has. Here you will find different stories that show how we have to fight against our thoughts and mental obstacles. Our songs were written with passion, love, and tears. It`s a wonderland, where your mind has no limits If you can imagine, you can make it real…” Topics of the album go around the concept of “being”, both on a personal level and also of being part of a society, pointing out to what is lost and other problems, but at the same time, offering help on how to make the most of what will always be with us, our imagination, our dreams, our experiences. There is pain (The Biggest Mistake), there is madness (Dementia), the feeling of losing someone (So Close To Me), all situations that can affect us deeply, and while having them, it is important to look up to other aspects in life that will help us see our lives from another point of view. Hope. There are tracks to enjoy what we do have within our reach (Appreciate), since even when feeling lost, we must ask ourselves of what remains, as that can also be precious (The Beauty Of Life), and the feeling of being freed of anxiety or other troubles, the feeling of being open without boundaries (Be Free). With them, we might feel that not everything is lost. All tracks have a magic watermark that will help the listener to feel all songs as a single experience showing many aspects of life. We will look further and escape from reality to feel and imagine other possibilities (Unconscious Reality), wander in the unknown (Enchanted Forest), be saved from unpleasant moments and nightmares (Dreamcatcher), and to search for hope in what we enjoy from our dreams (Fairyland).

Watch “Be Free” (Official Music Video):