SVALBARD, ROLO TOMASSI – both bands quit Holy Roar Records due to rape allegations against founder Alex Fitzpatrick


Against violence, or even worse, rape, there’s no excuse!

It’s such a recent news the one that announces about a very serious matter concerning Holy Roar Records label founder Alex Fitzpatrick. From the very first announcement, it seems that Fitzpatrick has been accused of sexual assault, rape, and abuse.

Earlier this week, two women shared their alleged experiences of non-consensual sex abuse by the label founder over Instagram. In a very first statement, it’s been said that Fitzpatrick raped one of these women back in 2015, while in the second one, it seems that Fitzpatrick raped another woman.

Several employees and bands from UK-based label like Rolo Tomassi and Svalbard has also publicly said that they will no longer be part of the label’s roster, following these brutal allegations.

Rolo Tomassi previously stated (full link here)

Svalbard also announced its intention to leave the band (click here for the full view)

No further information has been unveiled yet, but we will keep an eye open on this story and we would love to offer our own support to those women in case these episodes will turn out to be true!

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