TEMPERANCE – new album out on January 24 2020; cover and tracklist revealed


TEMPERANCE ignites a spark and fire away with their newest release Viridian.

Italian Melodic Metal institution TEMPERANCE return with their fifth studio album Viridian in January 2020! TEMPERANCE is where exceptional vocal melodies, energetic metal guitar riffing, symphonic and electronic atmospheres meet in perfect harmony. Led by a unique vocal triad, TEMPERANCE manage to unite heaviness with an impressive level of catchy melodies that will make you want to push the repeat button instantly.

Alessia Scoletti’s ethereal voice, the deep resonance of Michele Guaitoli’s baritone – also known from Napalm label colleagues VISIONS OF ATLANTIS – and the rough vocals of the composing mastermind and guitarist Marco Pastorino make TEMPERANCE stand out and fulfill everyone’s needs. Viridian is TEMPERANCE’s first studio album to be released via Napalm Records since their signing at the beginning of the year.

Marco Pastorino from TEMPERANCE on Viridian: “We’re beyond stoked to announce that our new album and first through Napalm Records Viridian is scheduled for worldwide release on January 24th, 2020! Finally, the time has come: Viridian is ready to see the light of the day! We’ve worked hard during the last year to write our best songs ever. This is our heaviest album so far, yet with a lot of melodies, vocal harmonies and epic modern metal hymns! The recording process was super fun and we really enjoyed finding new, different ways to express ourselves with our music. We really can’t wait to spread Viridian all over the world on the next tours – stay tuned for more exciting news!”

Find The Cover And The Tracklist For Viridian Below!

1. Mission Impossible
2. I Am The Fire
3. Start Another Round
4. My Demons Can’t Sleep
5. Viridian
6. Let It Beat
7. Scent of Dye
8. The Cult Of Mystery
9. Nanook
10. Gaia
11. Catch The Dream

Viridian is a perfect blend of green and blue. If you look a little closer at color psychology, you’ll find that green stands for balance and harmony, while blue is the color of trust and sincerity. This is exactly what you will get with TEMPERANCE’s newest album: the perfectly balanced and harmonized combination of the three singers’ voices, as well as sincerity in regard to the lyrics and TEMPERANCE always staying true to themselves.


Alessia Scolletti – Vocals
Michele Guaitoli – Vocals & Piano
Marco Pastorino – Guitar & Vocals
Luca Negro – Bass
Alfonso Mocerino – Drums

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