THE AUTIST premiere the new single “The Coldest Sun” exclusively on Femme Metal Webzine


“The Coldest Sun” is the brand new single off The Autist‘s upcoming self-titled full-lenght. The new single features the talented German mezzo-soprano Alina Lesnik (already a member of Vivaldi Metal Project and many other soundtracks such as “Elementia” by Pedro J.Mendes). You can learn more about Alina by connecting at her official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

You can listen to the single AT THE FOLLOWING LINK.

Besides Alina Lesnik, “The Coldest Sun” also features the Russian singer Polina Psycheya from the Russian melodic death band All I Could Bleed that recently she officially joined  The Autist as the main vocalistOn top of this, the full-lenght sees the guest partecipation of Chiara Tricarico from the Italian metalheads Temperance. The release date for the debut album will be announced soon.

The pre-orders for “The Coldest Sun” merch are available on The Autist‘s Indiegogo campaign:

The Autist is a Russian/Portoguese project founded by the composer and the multi-instrumentalist Pedro Remiz in June 2014 and according his words, it’s  his”the mind reflection after the recreation of his own musical world” happened subsequently the split up of his previous band, the symphonic black metallers Darkside of Innocence.  “The Coldest Sun” will be released in 2017 via Azure Records and during its recordings was helped by Fábio Pires on the keyboards, Tatiana Lima on the bass and Emidio Ramos on the drums (that were recorded at the Almada Estudios). The album was mixed and mastered by Miguel Tereso. “The Coldest Sun” also features on vocals Past Undone and the former singer of Darkside of Innocence, Sara Henriques.

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