The UK’s power-progressive metal maestros, The Spectre Beneath, are back in the spotlight with a new hauntingly melodious single, “Time Dilation”. Venturing into uncharted territory, the band has crafted a poignant love story, enveloped in heavy guitars and dark harmonies. Drawing influences from the titans of metal, such as Megadeth and Iron Maiden, the band continues to break new ground while staying true to their unique style.

“Time Dilation took a while to come together,” the band shared. “The opening riff came first and then the verses. From there, the melancholic flavour began to seep through.” The band’s creative process was influenced by an episode of Doctor Who that introduced the idea of a love story near a black hole. This theme, married with the tone of their music, provided a fitting backdrop for their new release.

This release also marks a departure for the band, as it’s their first exploration into the realm of tragic love stories. The band believes it is a theme that everyone can relate to. “The line, ‘And you die in my arms, a steady stream of broken dreams,’ pulls on the heartstrings as we’ve all been in a position when we can feel all our aspirations start to unravel.”

THE SPECTRE BENEATH announce new single

The band’s evolution is evident in “Time Dilation,” which possesses all the trademarks of The Spectre Beneath’s dark melodic soul. The band asserts that “It’s ‘The Spectre Beneath’ through and through, chunky guitars, huge vocals, complex drums and a killer guitar solo – it’s everything our fans have come to expect.”

In fact, “Time Dilation” beautifully aligns with the band’s discography and contributes to their ongoing artistic evolution. “Like our other slower, melancholic songs, such as ‘The Downfall of Judith King’ and ‘The Funeral’, ‘Time Dilation’ is a brooding, heartfelt affair,” the band said.

The track is a powerful display of the band’s versatility, showcasing the stunning vocals of Stevie, while exploring new soundscapes with the familiar backing of Pete Worrall, Vini Assis, Consta Taylor, and Katy Lennon. The Spectre Beneath is confident their fans will enjoy this latest offering. “With this new release, Stevie flexes her range as well as proving she has subtlety and power in equal measure.”

Set for release on June 9, 2023, “Time Dilation” is more than a song. It’s a journey, a narrative wrapped in the rich textures of power-progressive metal, a testament to the unique soundscape crafted by The Spectre Beneath. Fans are invited to immerse themselves in the release and embrace the heart-wrenching tale that is “Time Dilation”.

In this dark yet mesmerising release, The Spectre Beneath proves once more their commitment to the metal scene, not just in the UK, but on a global scale. As they continue to evolve and chart their own course, fans worldwide eagerly anticipate what they will bring next.

THE SPECTRE BENEATH announce new single
THE SPECTRE BENEATH announce new single