Therion Release Music Video For The Song “Eye Of Algol

THERION – new single “Eye of Algol” out now

THERION‘s seventeenth Studio album, Leviathan, was released on January 22nd, 2021, and proved to be another big success for the symphonic metal pioneers. It has entered worldwide album sales charts peaking at #8 (Rock & Metal) in the UK, at #11 in Germany, and #14 (physical) in Sweden, only to name a few. Today, THERION is proud to release another music video for a track taken off of Leviathan called “Eye Of Algol“.

It refers to the ‘demon star’ Algol (“al-ġūl” means “the demon” in Arabic), a multiple star consisting of 3 separate stars that have an ominous connotation in astrology and is also referenced in the works of H.P. Lovecraft. The video features performances by both the female and the male lead singers whose voices can be heard in the song, Rosalía Sairem & Thomas Vikström, as well as mythical creatures, blood, fire & swordfights, picking up where its predecessors, “Tuonela” and “Die Wellen der Zeit,” left off.

THERION – Eye Of Algol (Official Video):

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Tuonela (Official Video):

Die Wellen der Zeit (Official Video)

Leviathan (Lyric Video):