THYLA – debut album due Jan 2022

Thyla announces its self titled debut album and shares the lead single, “Gum”. The album will be out on Jan 28th 2022 via Easy Life Records.

THYLA – new record deal

THYLA announce debut album and share lead single “Gum”

Self-titled debut album is released on Jan 28th 2022 via Easy Life Records

London headline show also announced

Today, Brighton trio Thyla is announcing its long-awaiting debut album. Self-titled, it will be released via Easy Life Records on Jan 28th, 2022.

The band is also sharing the record’s lead single “Gum” which was given its premiere by Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1 last night, who said:

“They are sounding so confident, so strong – they feel like one of the best bands about for me at the moment. If Gum is anything to go by [the debut album] is going to be a huge statement piece to watch out for.”

Thyla will also headline The Waiting Room, London, on 16th Feb 2022. Tickets are available here.

Thyla is a band that has regularly found its creative impulse heightened by a sense of heaviness and burden. Its music focusses on a journey that seems to be getting harder rather than easier, often highlighting struggles with how we attach identity and value to ourselves, and the sneaking feeling that the more we learn, the less we know.

In new single “Gum” there is a real feeling of the band willing themselves forward. In what is in fact the album’s opening lyric, singer Millie Duthie offers “I’ve been thinking about growing myself new skin”.

It is a line that simultaneously seems to suggest that as that journey gets harder, their skin gets thicker, as well as a metaphor for finding freedom in shedding the negativity that can lurk beneath the surface of us all.

Gum” is a powerful opening statement that casts aside unconstructiveness and reels in positive engagement. She expands below:

“Gum is about shrugging the weight of the world off your shoulders – being stuck, knowing it, and choosing not to care. The world is weird; life is confusing. You’re not always going to get what you want, but let’s stop talking about it.”

Pre-order the album here.

Listen to “Gum” on DSPs here and watch the video below.

More about Thyla and their self-titled debut album

Gleaning inspiration from everyday human experience – and blurring the lines of the personal and the fictional – Thyla plays as voyeurs and interpreters.

The music is a playground for the shared experience, a place for art that doesn’t preach, or claim to have all of the answers; instead, its work exists as signposts to emotional moments in time, channeling the chaos of modernity into a sanctuary built from balance and nuance, influenced by the disparate worlds of everything from Kate Bush to My Bloody Valentine’s Kevin Shields.

On its debut album, the band makes natural a step onward from the earlier EPs, working in a way that removed outside influence.

In the same way that its process allowed it to make its own decisions, the resulting album is also about allowing others space to reach its own conclusions.

It asks questions, rather than demands answers, and often zeroes in on the world’s polarized state, knowing when confrontation or walking away is the answer.

It’s also an album of internal monologues made real, punctuated with regular references to the Lewis Carroll tale Alice In Wonderland.

Thyla – Thyla album tracklisting:

1. Amber Waits
2. Breathe
3. 3
4. Flush
5. Gum
6. Echo For Ingrid
7. Kin
8. Imbude [Interlude]
9. Making My Way Through The Skyline
10. Dandelion
11. Rabbit Hole


Millie Duthie (vocals) | Dan Hole (bass) | Danny Southwell (drums)

Thyla: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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