TVINNA present the next single ‘Partus’ incl. lyric video
Debut album “One In the Dark” out February 19th, 2021!

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The word “Partus” means “birth” -which this song is about. Describing wheels of time, thatare constantly working, bringing the unborn life to earth.The strong connection between the soul of the mother and the soul of the child, and what they are gifting each other. Furthermore,”Partus”is handling the unknown moments of our souls, before they come down to earth -envisioning them somewhere beyond the universes.

TVINNA comment on the song:
“Partus”was poured straight out of our souls -we wrote it together in perhaps only 2 hours time, back in the Fall of 2019. We had such strong pictures on our minds and the translation to music was immediate and fluid. Somehow the music flowsso strong and with ease when we write while we are in the same room.
“Partus”is questioning the earliest stages before our being: what has been before we were born into this current life, where have our souls been? We pictured ourselves floating throughthe naught, already connected but still awaiting the moment to come down to earth, dragged by an invisible twine. We also sing about the process of actual birth -the strong wheels of time beating to the mother’s rhythm.
We are very proud to have opera soprano Jessey-Joy Spronk guesting on “Partus”, adding an extra dose of emotion and ferocious female power to it.

The band adds on the video:
“As the words we sing in „Partus” mean a lot to us personally -written for and with our children in mind, heartand womb -we decided to give these the focus they deserve.Underlined with strong and emotional pictures we want you to let your mind and heart wander to and get lost in the music.”

“One In The Dark” is the first out of four chapters, in which TVINNA break down the different stages of life -each linked to one of the four elements.
Their debut album is focusing upon the first chapter of our life: the state of being unborn and the process of birth -reflected through the element of water in its different shapes. Each of the 9 songs on the album tells a story about where we come from, are made of and are born into. One living being, out of the dark, connected and dependent.
TVINNA’s musical evolution has been constant since the release of their first song “The Gore” in November 2019. Best described as progressive dark and electronica pop, their music marries multi-layered vocals to effect-accordion and electronics, accompanied by new metal influences on guitars, bass and drums. TVINNA are intertwining and summoning an intense and unique musical experience. All the songs and imagery (artwork, video) are created, written and produced by an intensive alliance between Laura, Fiona and Fieke. “We’ve created our own unique sphere through TVINNAs musical style -showing the depths of our inner reality in a more intimate way than ever before in this very first album. “One In The Dark” shows a musical side of us no-one has heard before! Where “The Gore” was like an introduction into the sonic landscape of TVINNA, the rest of the album really takes off into raw emotions and with that a more raw and heavy sound.”-TVINNA
TVINNA is an international band founded by Laura Fella (Faun), Fiona Rüggeberg (former Faun) and Fieke van den Hurk (Musician/Producer fora.o. Eivør, Omnia, Cesair), accompanied by Rafael Salzmann (Eluveitie) on guitars & bass and Jasper Barendregt (former Ulsect a.o.) on drums & beats.

TVINNA previously released the song “Kreiz” featuring renown Nordic artist Eivør!
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