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TYPHOID ROSE – Announce New Album “Queen Of Swords”

Indie punk rockers Typhoid Rosie are debuting a new single, the title track off their upcoming album ‘Queen of Swords’ (out Aug 13).
Brooklyn, NY’s Typhoid Rosie Announce New Album ‘Queen Of Swords’ Out On August 13
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Brooklyn, NYC’s Typhoid Rosie are debuting a new single, the title track off their upcoming album ‘Queen of Swords’ (out Aug 13).

Recorded remotely at home in quarantine during COVID-19 (with the exception of drums and bass, recorded at Cannon Found Soundation in Brooklyn), the track features gang vocals by special guests: Coolie Ranx (Pilfers), Jenny Whiskey and Rob George (Hub City Stompers), Becky Lynn Blanca (Penny Matches), and Jay Prozac (the Prozacs).

Stream “Queen Of Swords” HERE:

Youtube- https://youtu.be/wFWYQvLPjP8

Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/typhoidrosie/queen-of-swords/s-JdvzpjbOKv6?in=typhoidrosie/sets/queen-of-swords/s-3UUG69te1QF

Pre-order (digital/vinyl): https://typhoidrosie.bandcamp.com/album/queen-of-swords

Spotify pre-save: https://show.co/wTkj2hJ

A defiant track about self-preservation and setting yourself free from toxic situations and people, Frontwoman Rosie Rebel explains, “Sometimes you just gotta cut a motherfucker out of your life. Your survival, evolution, and the growth of your soul may one day depend upon whether or not you can turn your back on toxic situations.

Those of you who dabble in tarot know that the Queen of Swords is not to be fucked with. She is the kind of person you want on your side. She is very loving until you put her in a position where she must choose between toxicity and her own self-love-she will always choose herself.

Because my heart is so pure I didn’t always see the bad and malicious intentions of others headed towards me. Sometimes being so naive and following your heart blindly can lead you off a cliff. Not every person comes to the table with love in their hearts and that is why you always need to pay attention to the red flags and be ready to make your well-being your greatest priority.

Like the airline safety cards say, “Your oxygen mask first”. I have overcome a great deal of pain and tragedy in my life, and if I could tell you two words that I needed to hear, in my greatest hour of need —those words are: “Get up.” I want you to see yourself in the boxing ring of life and I want you to scream these words like your life depended on it. May this song be just the rocket fuel you need.”

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