WARDRUNA – the band collaborates with 2204 to present the “Kvitravn” candle; new album incoming on January 22nd 2021


Wardruna are proud to introduce a UK-store exclusive collaboration with the luxury candle company 2204, specialising in vegan, sustainable hand poured, soy wax candles in fully recyclable packaging, available to pre-order here. As a collective, Wardruna are passionate about nature and draw inspiration from it. Further to that, vocalist Lindy-Fay Hella articulates her particular passion for scents as follows:

For years I’ve been interested in how scents can transport your mind to another time or place, long lost memories, to make you dream or soothe you after a long day touring on the road. Walking out in nature to get inspiration is a collective interest for all of us in Wardruna. You see and listen, but also detect with your nose. If sitting in a hotel room, far away from nature, a perfume or a scented bath can help to energise you before a concert or put you in a relaxed state of mind. Simon Gallacher one of the founders of the company has been working for years in the music industry as a tour manager, he understands this power of scent, and this connection makes for a great collaboration”   

Lindy continues, “this scented candle, Kvitravn, reminds me of the west coast of Norway and a particular walk through the forest to reach a boat in the Sea. The different kinds of woods resemble the forests in Norway, clove and thyme for me represent the green spirit, and there is a freshness of bergamot, lime and white mint, also a hint of the ocean. The scent of seabreeze blended nicely together with needles from the trees and damp forest floor also evokes thoughts of the beautiful patterns cast on the forest floor by the sunlight.”

About the Kvitravn candle…

Retreat to be at one with nature again. Embrace the harshness of the Norwegian forest’s elements and extract a sense of reincarnation and fulfilment. A foundation of pine, cedar and sandalwood with the interwoven essence of clove and thyme, opening with a burst of bergamot, lemon & white mint. Pre-order link here.   

About 2204…

Introducing a new standard in luxury home fragrance. This Scottish designed and made, hand poured, soy wax candle creator celebrates fragrance for the home. The 100% vegan, cruelty free and sustainable collection uses ethically sourced soy wax and carefully selected scented oils, delivered in fully recyclable packaging.

Wardruna’s new album Kvitravn, is set for worldwide release on January 22nd, 2021 and can be pre ordered in various formats and bundles at www.wardruna.com

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