WEIRD WOLVES: new single

The electronic rock duo Weird Wolves announces the new single “Snake Soul” taken from their upcoming album via Out of Line.

WEIRD WOLVES – new single “Snake Soul” released today; 
GLASS DANSE festival welcomes WEIRD WOLVES!

Ava Gore and Raphael Colantonio met through the world of video games, and their musical chemistry could not pass unnoticed by their streams and the growing fanbase that the two created. The new single “Snake Soul” is out via Out Of Line Music today. 

Weird Wolves about their inspiration for the song: “As we grow wiser, we become more true to ourselves. We also forgive people who wronged us. Things are not always what they seem. We all have secrets, we all have presented ourselves in ways that don’t always fully reflect our true self at times.” 

Listen here:

Weird Wolves is a hybrid of electronic and rock music refined with postpunk influences. Their new track, “Snake Soul,” brings a dark, mysterious, and emotional addition to their soon to be announced album. Following an official showcase at the SXSW and many more gigs in the US, the band has continuously attracted new fans throughout the virtual world, the duo is down to conquer the world with their unique strapped-up mixture of electro and rock. Gore and Colantonio have evolved into the Weird Wolves they have always meant to be. 

Out Of Line Music presents: GLASS DANSE
28.01.2023 – Lido, Berlin
Ashbury Heights
Light Asylum
Weird Wolves
Suzi Sabotage
Link: Tickets 

Weird Wolves have recently revealed bit more details of the group’s plans for upcoming tour dates in the UK and GLASS DANSE in Berlin. Stay tuned for more news in the next weeks!

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Weird Wolves:

Ava Gore – Vocals, Guitar & Bass

Raf Colantonio – Vocals, Guitar & Bass

Weird Wolves online:

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