WHITE SKULL: new album in October

WHITE SKULL announce the release of the new album “Metal Never Rusts”, out in October 2022.

WHITE SKULL: new album

WHITE SKULL announce the release of their new album “Metal Never Rusts“!

White Skull is a well-known Italian Power Metal Band that has been delivering superlative Metal songs since the 90s. Sharp voice, screaming guitars, hammering rhythms, a stunning mixture of power and melody: the result is an enthralling and gripping sound, coming from the true Metal hearts of energetic and inspired musicians.

Fast thundering rhythmic section powered by a new ignition spark and hyper charged by melodies and harmonies produced by bewitching vocals and magnetic keyboard arrangements.

All assembled to make the metal crowd roar! The new album is blessed by renewed and powerful energy that bounces from song to song with a level of intensity and magnitude superior to all previous albums because, when forged with passion, true Metal Never Rusts!

“Metal Never Rusts” will be released on October 21, 2022 as digipack CD and digital streaming/download format and on December 16, 2022 as Curacao Vinyl edition that is limited to 500 copies worldwide!

Pre-order the album here: https://bit.ly/white_skull_metal_never_rusts

Guests on the album:

Chris Boltendahl – Special Guest Vocal in Scary Quiet

Marzia Fontana, Francesca Battistini, Irene Trinca, Fabio Simonato, Rossano “Ross” Casarin, Dario Cisotto, Edoardo “Dodo” Fusaro, as background vocals

Cover and booklet paintings by Uwe Jarling
Booklet Layout by Andrea Vedorin

Cover concept by Federica Sister De Boni and Tony Mad Fontò

Photos by Yuri Minghini


Metal Never Rusts

released: 21. October 2022


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