WINTER STORM – new album details unleashed


One of the UK’s finest melodic metal bands, Winter Storm, are back after a short break with their third full length album. Their latest offering, ‘Relapse in Time’, follows on from the story that began with their second album, a concept album, ‘Within The Frozen Design’. The story begins with the protagonist believing he is designing his own universe, but, as events unfold, it turns out it was all a coincidence and he spirals into madness.  The story continues in “Relapse in Time’, where the protagonist awakens with no idea of where he is, in a strange land of deserted plains, and a Mars-like terrain.

After forming in 2008 Winter Storm have moulded and changed their sound to make their own unique form of Melodic Metal, which is displayed in the new album. They wished to fuse metal (including 7 string guitars) with melodic keyboards and vocals. Winter Storm have been seen supporting the likes of Delain and Leaves’ Eyes as well as performing at Bloodstock Open Air, Hammerfest, HRH Metal and Wizzfest Belgium. 

Quote from Hannah, the vocalist of Winter Storm: 

“I am very pleased to announce Winter Storm will be bringing out our long anticipated third album Relapse In Time on the 11th October. First of all I would like to thank all of our friends and fans for waiting so long to hear this album. With this record we are planning to bring a new sound forward; fusing our melodic metal sound with a symphonic and more technical edge.” 

‘Relapse In Time’ is 11 tracks of melodic bliss, it’s brutally heavy with peaceful ambient intervals. 


  1. Intro
  2. Dreamscape
  3. Colliding Skies
  4. Defy Me
  5. Astral World
  6. In Time
  7. Lifeless Plain
  8. Thought Machine
  9. Another Lost Light
  10. Ever Dark
  11. Final Parting Glass

‘Relapse In Time’ will be released at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on Friday 11th October and will be available on all digital platforms.

Upcoming Shows: 14/09/19 Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley, 05/10/19 Corporation, Sheffield (Aoniafest), 12/10/19 Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton (Album Launch), 23/11/19 Percy’s Cafe Bar, Whitchurch, 10/04/20 The Dolls House, Abertillery (Dementia Aware Fest)

Winter Storm on the run up to the release of ‘Relapse In Time’ will be releasing a teaser trailer every Friday until the release date, you can check out the first teaser here:

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