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“Self Love”





San Francisco band Young Prisms shares a new single and accompanying video for “Self Love,” from their first full-length album in nearly 10 years, Drifter, due March 25th via Fire Talk. Produced by Shaun Durkan [Weeknd, Soft Kill], the twelve-track album finds steadiness in the embrace of uncertainty, where Young Prisms explore the tension and release that comes with bringing your head down from the clouds to make sense of the tangible entanglements that make up everyday existence.

“Self Love” is a ballad that hones in on the theme of sacrifice in loving yourself and others backed by a soaring instrumental. The song continues to ring in a new sonic era for the band following their sabbatical and it arrives alongside a black-and-white Gio Betteo-directed video starring vocalist Stefanie Hodapp.

Speaking towards the inspiration of the single, Hodapp says, “‘Self Love’ is a story of my tendencies to isolate, cut ties, and completely destroy my relationships. Something that was instilled in me since childhood. When I was 26 I found myself with a baby, no income, San Francisco expenses to pay, and a complete loss of identity. I could no longer be utterly careless and treat my life and the things in it as if it were all disposable. Still, I questioned my worthiness of basic essentials and continued my complacency with a low quality of life. I had to try and build something and with time I realized that the foundation of it all was my relationship with myself.” Listen to and watch “Self Love” and pre-order/save Drifter above, see album details and learn more about Young Prisms below. Stay tuned for more from Young Prisms coming soon.

Young Prisms


March 25, 2022

Fire Talk

1. Above Water

2. Yourside

3. Honeydew

4. This Time

5. Violet

6. If Ever Now

7. Melt Away

8. Outside Air

9. Self Love

10. Months Ago

11. Around

12. Flight

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