A Million Miles – “What’s Left Behind” (2013)


Label: Abandon Records

Review by Tony Cannella

From Germany, the band A Million Miles blends modern metal with thrash metal even a little doom thrown in there to create a fine metal debut with an absolutely heavy – yet melodic – in-your-face approach.

A Million Miles is fronted by the raspy, no nonsense vocals of Mona Miluski. The classic metal riff of the opener “Death and Beyond” gives way to some rapid fire riffing as the song settles into a melodic metal groove. Mona Miluski’s vocals are simply huge throughout the 44-minutes of playing time on “What’s Left Behind”. Next up is some more relentless riffing that kicks off “Broken” as the song gallops to the finish line and proves to be a huge highlight. The thrash metal style of “When Skies Fall Down” kicks in and this is a powerful track that I am sure will be a crowd pleasing, mosh pit favorite in the bands live set. The pounding drums start off the excellent “Separation”. This song starts off thrashy, yet evolves into a melodic metal track, that is as heavy as it is infectious – the song regains its thrash mojo near the end with Mona screaming her lungs out. The guitar work put forth by the duo of Willo and Shi is nothing short of massive. The slower tempo of “Letter for You” is certainly a change of pace and it allows Mona to show that she is capable of more than just screaming – which she shows throughout the album. This song shows the diversity of the band. Other highlights include: “Hold”, “A Million Miles” and “Walk All Night”. It’s all pretty consistent. There is a lot of cool stuff to be found on “What’s Left Behind”. A Million Miles is a solid outfit that I am sure we will hear more from in the future.

Rating – 80/100



  1. Death and Beyond
  2. Broken
  3. When Skies Fall Down
  4. Separation
  5. Letter for You
  6. Hold
  7. A Million Miles
  8. What’s Left Behind
  9. Dusk
  10. Walk All Night
  11. The End


Line Up

  • Mona Miluski – Vocals
  • Willo – Guitar
  • Shi – Guitar
  • Finbar – Bass
  • Timo – Drums



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