A Sound of Thunder – “Tales from the Deadside” (2015)


Label: Mad Neptune Records

Review by Alysha Hayden

American heavy metal band A Sound of Thunder are back with an epic new album, “Tales from the Deadside”. This album came about in an interesting way. The group, all fans of Valiant Comics, walked up to the Valiant booth at the Baltimore Comic Con and told them they’d like to do a metal album based on their comic book character, “Shadowman”. There was a Kickstarter campaign that saw fans get access to some exclusive merchandise. The cover art for this album is exquisite and the physhical album itself includes more comic art from the “Shadowman” series. In addition at the end of each track, there are short readings from the comics to help cover the series story arc for the “Shadowman” character on the album. “Children of the Dark” opens the album with a rich metal sound and memorable vocals by Nina singing a tale of a dead brother coming for her. This track and every other on this album need to be heard and in order because the story they capture is full of dark fantasy and right up the alley of an graphic novel fan. I’m compelled to give this album a high rating due to the level of creativity that went into this record. It’s truly impressive and unlike anything else I’ve heard. Valiant Comics made the right decision to team up with A Sound of Thunder on this project because the outcome is timeless and pure awesomesauce!

Review – 90/100



  1. Children of the Dark
  2. Sandria (Carry On)
  3. Can’t Go Back
  4. Deadside
  5. Tower of Souls
  6. Losing Control (The Unquiet Show)
  7. Punk Mambo
  8. Alyssa (Life in Shadows)
  9. Tremble
  10. End Times


Line Up

  • Nina Osegueda – Vocals
  • Josh Schwartz – Guitar
  • Chris Haren – Drums
  • Jesse Keen – Bass






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