Label : Pitch Black Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Cross Judas Priest with Accept along with some classic Iron Maiden thrown in for good measure, add a powerhouse female vocalist and you may come out with something like the Polish band Access Denied. After the ominous “Intro”, the Accept-like riff of “Messenger of Death” shatters the serenity.

The vocals are not virtuosic by any means, but Agnieszka really delivers a strong and forceful style to the songs, and gives them just what they need. The duel guitar attack is reminiscent of K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton from Judas Priest.

“Suicide Mind” is up next and keeps the power level high and is one of the biggest highlights. Musically and vocally, “Touch of Evil” pretty much holds true to their chosen sound, which is alright by me. Highlights include: “One Night”, “My Dreams” and “Touch of Evil”. With “Touch of Evil”, Access Denied delivers 9-songs and 33-minutes worth of top notch power metal and should be required listening for fans of the genre.

Rating – 86/100



  1. Intro
  2. Messenger of Death
  3. Suicide Mind
  4. One Night
  5. Secret Place
  6. Don’t Tell Me
  7. My Dreams
  8. Violence of Mind
  9. Touch of Evil


Line Up

  • Agnieszka Sulich – Lead Vocals
  • Jacek Kolankiewicz – Guitar
  • Mateucz Krauze – Guitar
  • Pawel Nejczew – Bass
  • Dominik Frukacz – Drums



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