ADNA – “Black Water” (2021)

After, her debut “Closure”, the Swedish singer-songwriter ADNA comes back with her 2nd album “Black Water” (2021). Read more in our review.

Despotz Records

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Black Water is the new album from artist Adna Kadic. Her reputation for creating pieces in the theme of melancholic joy continues with this new work.

Each song is a personal statement to an intimate ‘other’ in the aftermath of life experiences. The album opens with a mournful version of “Kad Procvatu Behari”, originally by the group Shaderwan Code. The performance is delicate as opposed to the original folk version, but reinterpretation is what makes a new version of a song great. There is usually little to admire in a simple reproduction.

In translation the song is about the beauty of Spring and the memory of a past relationship. It sets the scene for what is to follow this opener, each song is a fragment from a person who has matured through sometimes painful times.

The majority of the album gives one the feeling of attending a small concert in which the artist is seen up-close and frequently looking your way.

The music varies between minimal acoustic and a layered medium paced pop-synth sound. Adna adds her voice which is emotionally ambiguous but reflective, listening to the tone you might feel the songs are uplifting, listening to the lyrics you might feel the sadness of what has passed, tinged with the thankfulness of what is now.

Ending the album is the song titled “This, Here, Now”. In total perhaps the album is intended to convey one of those brief times in life where one is safe enough to settle into the experience and be present.

Watching the music videos for “Darkness Born In Youth“, “You Are“, and “November” provides support for this interpretation of personal contemplation. My favourite of these is “You Are”, but any of them give a good indication of what a listener will find on Black Water.

There is sufficient here to strike a personal chord in the tones of sadness and hopefulness. As someone who appreciates contrast and the discordant experience of music which can be interpreted multiple ways, this music is a welcome whole-body experience.

Find a safe place and sink into the sounds which Adna has created for us. Life does go around, spinning us in good and bad directions, taking time to settle into the dizziness of it all is where Black Water invites us. This troubled conversation with life is one we all share with Adna.

Rating – 85/100


  1. Kad Procvatu Behari
  2. Black Water
  3. Darkness Born In Youth
  4. Don’t Know
  5. You Are
  6. November
  7. Bloom
  8. Color
  9. Elsewhere
  10. This, Now, Here


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