Agharti – “Change” (2013)


Label: WormHoleDeath

Review by Tony Cannella

AghartiChangeCoverFrom Croatia, “Change” is the title of the debut album from Agharti. Throughout the album the band presents a strong mix of symphonic power metal combined with socially conscious lyrics. It all makes for a strong, satisfying and overall an enjoyable debut.

From the beautiful and poignant spoken word intro “The Voice of Freedom” it becomes clear that Agharti has something to say. That sentiment carries over into the bombastic “The Sky is Falling”. In addition to the crystal clear vocals supplied by lead singer Tina, guitarist Alen also chips in with some male vocals. This is a cool song that is both heavy and melodic. The melodic fast moving “Lost” is next and keeps the momentum going. “Change” continues to roll on with the songs “Away From Here”, “Fallen” and “End of Your Domination” before the spoken word interlude “The Voice of Compassion” gives the listener a breather. “Mendacity”, “Rise Again” and “Words Unspoken” continues the excellence. “Change” is completed with another spoken word piece. The outro “The Voice of Change” brings things to a close nicely. With “Change” Agharti has released a debut album that had me going back and listening again and again. I can’t say enough good things about Agharti. “Change” is a killer debut.

Rating – 90/100



  1. The Voice of Freedom
  2. The Sky is Falling
  3. Lost
  4. Away From Here
  5. Fallen
  6. End of Your Domination
  7. The Voice of Compassion
  8. Mendacity
  9. Rise Again
  10. Words Unspoken
  11. To A Friend
  12. Awaken
  13. The Voice of Change


Line Up

  • Tina – Vocals
  • Alen – Guitars & Vocals
  • Poha – Guitar
  • Iva – Keyboards
  • Grubac – Bass
  • Dus – Drums


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