Label: Fantai’Zic

Review by Tony Cannella

For their 3rd album “Le Cene”, France’s AkromA has delivered what must have been a huge undertaking. The Black/death/gothic metal band have really outdone themselves and released a truly bombastic and ferocious conceptual piece of work. The title “Le Cene” means “The Last Supper” when translated to English and is a concept album based on the last supper. AkromA has done something unique by having a different singer on each of the twelve songs and the results are massive.

In addition to all of the different singers, female soprano Laura Kimpe is there to provide the icing on the cake. The songs are freakin crushing. The 8-minute opener “Pierre” is enough to get your attention and from there the band destroys on the tracks: “Thomas”, “Jude” and of course “Judas”AkromA is a band that doesn’t appear to run short on ideas. To do a concept based on The Last Supper can be a risky – even pretentious thing, but the band puts just enough into it to avoid that trap.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Pierre
  2. Thomas
  3. Jacques
  4. Barthelemy
  5. Matthieu
  6. Jude
  7. Simon
  8. Andre
  9. Jean
  10. Philippe
  11. Jacques, fils d’Alphee
  12. Judas


Line Up

  • Alain « Bob » Germonville  – Vocals
  • Laura Kimpe – Vocals
  • Matthieu Morand – Guitar, orchestrations
  • Pierre-Yves Martin  – Bass
  • Thomas Das Neves  – Drums



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