ALLISON – “They Never Come Back” (2022)

“They Never Come Back” is the title of the new album from the Swiss hard rockers Allison. It is the 3rd album after 25 years of silence. And here you can read our review.

ALLISON – “They Never Come Back” (2022)

Massacre Records

Review by Tony Cannella

ALLISON - "They Never Come Back" (2022)
ALLISON – “They Never Come Back” (2022)

The Swiss band Allison released its debut “One” back in 1993 and followed that up with “Wonderland” in 1995, and then… silence. The band took a long hiatus before finally returning with album number three 25 years later entitled, “They Never Come Back” via Massacre Records.  But in Allison’s case, the band does come back, and the third time is indeed the charm.

“They Never Come Back” is loaded with hard-driving guitar riffs, great solos, and solid lead vocals. Throughout the 10-songs and 40-minutes’ worth of music presented, the songs maintain an infectious charm and lots of power and energy in a hard-rocking package. 

After repeatedly listening to songs such “The River”, “Edge of Golden Days”, “Hang Tough”, “Blackbird” and the single video track, “Merry-Go-Round”, this album grew on me more and more with each listen. The songs are melodic and feature plenty of attitude and swagger. Allison has been a real eye-opener for me. “They Never Come Back” is an album that I never knew I needed in my life, but here we are. It will be a welcomed sight for fans who love the music with a classic, hard rock edge. Honestly, Allison is just too good to ignore. 


  1. The River
  2. Edge of Golden Days
  3. Crank It Up
  4. Hang Tough
  5. Beautiful World
  6. Blackbird
  7. Merry-Go-Round
  8. Rock High
  9. Can You Hear Me
  10. Open Water

Line Up
  • Janet La Rose – Vocals
  • Jonny Stutz – Guitars
  • Robi Wurgler – Guitars
  • Pierce Baltino – Bass
  • Sean Evans – Drums

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