ALTERIUM – A powerful masterpiece for the newcomers

Italian power metallers newcomers Alterium, featuring ex-Kalidia Nicoletta Rosellini, debuts with “Of War and Flames”, via AFM Records. According to our reviewer Tony, ” a truly inspired masterpiece”!

Alterium is a new symphonic/power metal band from Italy. This outfit features ex-Kalidia and current Walk in Darkness vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini. With their debut album, “Of War and Flames,” out now via AFM Records, the band offers an excellent feast for the ears of Power metal and symphonic metal fans everywhere.

Alterium cover artwork

The soaring “Drag Me to Hell” starts on a strong note. The song is up-tempo and gets things started on an energetic note.  That is followed by the mid-tempo “Siren’s Call” another brilliant number.  Next is my absolute favorite track, “Of War and Flames” (make sure you check out the video, too).  This, to me, is the album’s centerpiece. 

Alterium band photo
Photo by Matteo Giannelli

The band is amazing, and lead vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini is charismatic and a star in the making.  “Firebringer” is another song that shows the band’s power metal credibility.  This song is so catchy and is another highlight.  “Crossroads Inn” is another cool song.  Other highlights include: “Shadowsong,” “Crystalline,” and a great cover of Sabaton’s “Bismarck,” which closes out the album.

Quite simply, Alterium “Of War and Flames” is the best power/symphonic metal album I’ve heard in a long time.  The band has put together a truly inspired masterpiece.


  1. Drag Me To Hell
  2. Siren’s Call
  3. Of War And Flames
  4. Firebringer
  5. Crossroads Inn
  6. Shadowsong
  7. Crystalline
  8. Heroine Of The Sea
  9. Chasing the Sun
  10. Bismarck

Line Up

  • Nicoletta Rosellini – Vocals
  • Paolo Campitelli – Guitars
  • Alessandro Mammola – Guitars
  • Luca Scalabrin – Bass
  • Dario Gozzi – Drums

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