Ancient Myth – “Akashic” (2012)


Label: Black-Listed Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in 2002 the Japanese symphonic metal band Ancient Myth released their debut album “Astrolabe in Your Heart” in 2010 – this coming after a series of demos and singles. Now Ancient Myth returns with album number two “Akashic”.

The lyric sung by Ancient Myth and their vocalist Michal are sung almost entirely in Japanese and musically their direction is really cinematic – similar to Nightwish in that regard. The opening to “Ashes and Crowns” sets off the cinematic style and as it builds to a crescendo the band comes crashing in and the track really gets moving. This was easily one of my favorite songs on the album and a good indicator of what Ancient Myth are all about.

Vocalist Michal has got a strong and powerful straight-ahead vocal presence throughout the album; she really has a commanding style. After the initial intro the song takes on a Stratovarius kind of power metal vibe. Musically I would also think of early Yngwie Malmsteen as an influence – they really do have a virtuosic presence. The straight-forward power metal riffing introduces the next song “Rw-rw-rw-“ and this is probably the most aggressive number complete with gang style background shouts. The opening of “Shade in Dusk” returns us to the cinematic nature of the music before transforming into a consistent mid-tempo song. Other highlights include: “Force of the Fifth” and “Afterglow” among others. Ancient Myth certainly has a lot of virtuoso qualities and with “Akashic” there is no denying the talent and class that lies within.

Rating – 76/100



  1. Ashes and Crowns
  2. Rw-rw-rw-
  3. Shade in Dusk
  4. レテの雫
  5. Force of the // Fifth
  6. Afterglow
  7. Brynhidr
  8. Against the Fate
  9. 寂静の月、不可思議の雪
  10. Soul Salvation


Line Up

  • Michal -Vocals
  • Yuri – Guitars
  • Puzzy – Keyboards
  • Naoki – Bass
  • Juhki – Drums


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