Ancient Myth – “Astrolabe in Your Heart” (2010)


Label: Black-Listed Productions

Review by Tony Cannella

“Astrolabe in Your Heart” was the debut full-length album from the Japanese Cinematic Symphonic Metal Band Ancient Myth. Prior to that the band released a number of singles, EPs and demos, but this would be the first full output from Ancient Myth.

“Astrolabe…” opens with the majestic intro “Culmination” and leads into the powerful “Astrolabe in Your Heart”. As with all of their material the vocalist Michal sings all of her parts in Japanese. The music maintains a high caliber of cinematic, neo classical metal. The third track (the title is written in Japanese) is a mid-paced orchestral number, which sees Michal bring her vocals down a notch to compliment the song. “Astrolabe in Your Heart” has no shortage of highlights like the fast paced gallop of “Mortal Heaven”, the brilliantly complex and diverse “Canis” and the straight-forward power metal euphoria of “Unlaced: Emergence”.

I hate to compare albums, but while “Astrolabe in Your Heart” is a solid debut their second album “Akashic” is perhaps a tad better, but that is debatable. In the end, there is not much to differentiate the two and fans who like “Akashic” should be pleased with this debut from Ancient Myth as well.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Culmination
  2. Astrolabe In Your Heart
  3. 遠望のアシェン・ライト
  4. ラズベリルに輝く瞳
  5. Mortal Heaven
  6. ヴァルプルギスの揺籠
  7. Canis
  8. Elemental Desire
  9. Link
  10. Unlaced: Emergence


Line Up

  • Michal – Vocals
  • Tomo – Guitars
  • Syacho – Keyboards
  • Naoki – Bass
  • Mittu – Drums


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