Label: Frontiers Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Most people know vocalist Angelica Rylin as the voice of the excellent Gothic metal band The Murder of My Sweet. With her main band, she has released two very good albums. Now, the Swedish singer spreads her creative wings with a solo album entitled “Thrive” which is more melodic AOR music than The Murder of My Sweet.

I have to give Angelica a ton of credit for doing something that is different from The Murder of My Sweet – and doing it well. “Thrive” is an excellently melodic AOR record with strong commercial potential. And then there is her voice, which is just fantastic and makes the songs come alive. There is a void when it comes to quality AOR music and “Thrive” takes its place as one of the better ones in recent memory. Songs like “Breaking My Heart”, “I Am Strong”, “Riding out the Storm”, “Rain on My Parade” and “Losers in Paradise” provide the listener with bouncy melodic music with a ton of passion and heart.

“Thrive” is a strong AOR record. Sure, it’s different from TMoMS but what would be the point in doing a solo album if it is a carbon copy of your main band? Angelica “gets it”, and it is obvious that with “Thrive” she is doing exactly what she wants and it comes through on the songs. In the end, “Thrive” is an album where Angelica Rylin gets to show off a different side to her talents and the results are glorious.

Rating – 87/100



  1. Breaking My Heart
  2. I Am Strong
  3. To Your Rescue
  4. Can’t Stop Love
  5. Nothing Else You Can Break
  6. Riding Out the Storm
  7. Rain On My Parade
  8. Losers In Paradise
  9. You Will Never Win
  10. This Kiss Is Just For You
  11. I’m Not Waiting
  12. Take Me to Your Heart


Line Up

  • Angelica Rylin – Lead vocals
  • Per Bergquist – Guitars
  • Johan Niemann – Bass
  • Matt Guillory (#12), Jesper Stromblad (#2), Magnus Karlsson (#1), Mats Lindfors (#4, 5) Per Bergquist (#3) – Soloists
  • Anders Wigelius, Angelica Rylin, Daniel Flores – Backing Vocals
  • Daniel Flores – Drums and Keyboards



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