Ann My Guard – “Innocence Descent” (2014)


Label: Smash Fabric Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Ann My Guard is an alternative metal band from Budapest, Hungary. Their new album is out now and it is entitled “Innocence Descent”. The album features 13-songs of melodic, guitar driven music. It’s all good stuff!

The eerie piano led 1 ½ minute album opener “Enchant” starts us off and it becomes apparent that we are in for something cool. “Grey Witch” continues the vibe from the previous tune all the while becoming increasingly heavy before unloading a barrage of heavy riffs and an up-tempo melody. “Dark Sea Blue” has a melancholic feel to it. This is a great mid-tempo song. “Ivory Ballad” is among one of the better songs. This track has a monstrous riff which builds slowly and the song changes tempos several times. Probably my favorite track is the 2-minute punkish “H.K.A. Bitch”. This is a great punk rock style track and lyrically it definitely has a punk attitude. Other highlights include: “Crush Honey”, “Morgana’s Song” and “Easy”. The end result of “Innocence Descent” is quite impressive. Ann My Guard has compiled an album worth of killer songs.

Rating – 92/100



  1. Enchant
  2. Grey Witch
  3. Dark Sea Blue
  4. Ivory Ballad
  5. Crush Honey
  6. Morgana’s Song
  7. Hollow Red
  8. My Lullaby
  9. Easy
  10. H.K.A. Bitch
  11. Fallen
  12. Gone
  13. Circles


Line Up

  • Eszter Anna Baumann – Vocals, bass, flute, keys
  • István Tagcherer – Guitars
  • Krisztián Varga- Guitars
  • Joci Vadász – Drums



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