April Weeps – “Outer Calm, Pain Within” (2013)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

From Slovakia, April Weeps plays atmospheric gothic metal. The band has two lead vocalists, the female vocalist is Marta and her counterpart on male vocals is N who provides an extreme style. The band released their debut album, ““Outer Calm, Pain Within””, way back in 2013 but when you have something of this high quality it is never too late to delve into it. April Weeps incorporates an infectious blend of aggression and melody to their sound and the results are perfect. Impressive also is the maturity of their songwriting, this should go a long way in separating them from their peers. The two vocalists are quite impressive and have great chemistry together. Rapid fire drums and N‘’s extreme vocals intro the opening song, ““Sacrificial Rite”” before Marta joins in with her clean singing style. Some great guitar work and some really excellent vocal work (by both singers) is on display here. “Dream-Master”” is next and comes racing out of the gate with some powerful riffs. Other highlights include: “”Buried””, ““Outer Calm, Pain Within””, ““Shards”” and “”Faded Memory””. Slovakia may not be known as a metal haven but with ““Outer Calm, Pain Within””, April Weeps is out to change all that. Anyone into pre-Anneke era The Gathering or Paradise Lost should check this band out.

Rating –- 87/100



  1. Sacrificial Rite
  2. Dream-Master
  3. Buried
  4. Outer Calm, Pain Within
  5. Forever Falling
  6. Shards
  7. Waiting For the Sun
  8. In A Hurry
  9. Positive Energy
  10. Faded Memory
  11. Pass Away


Line Up

  • Marta – Vocals (female)
  • N – Vocals
  • Doki – Guitars
  • Dex – Guitars
  • Stronghold – Keyboards
  • Roland – Drums





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