Aria Flame – “A World of Silence” EP (2014)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Aria Flame is a neo classical metal band which formed in 2011. When you listen to their excellent debut EP “A World of Silence”, you would think that they come from Europe because their style is very European (thus the assumption that they hail from Europe), but Aria Flame is actually from Western Michigan, USA.

With a playing time of 35-minutes spread out over 6-songs, “A World of Silence” is longer than your average EP. “My Muse” is the first track and shows the bands talent for writing technical songs with a dark and dramatic atmosphere. Lead vocalist Aziza Poggi has got an incredible voice which encompasses different styles and nuances. She can do the operatic thing, but she doesn’t over do it and her voice has a ton of character, depth and emotion. “Realm of Hate” is a cool track which keeps a steady mid-tempo vibe. The 3rd track is the almost 7-minute mini-epic “A World of Silence” which is just a crushing and dark track. The EP is concluded with the trio of “My Own Little Hell”, “The Lonely Phoenix” and “Divine World”.

“A World of Silence” really took me by surprise. Aria Flame has a style that will surely appeal to fans who like their music with a little flare and an epic style. It really is a cool thing to see a band from America who not only plays this style of music, but excels at it.

Rating – 85/100



  1. My Muse
  2. Realm of Hate
  3. A World of Silence
  4. My Own Little Hell
  5. The Lonely Phoenix
  6. Divine World


Line Up

  • Aziza A. Poggi-Lead Vocals, lyricist and composer
  • Daniel Cruzan – Guitars & back up vocals
  • Joop DeRooij – Keyboards
  • Greg Cloon – Bass, producer
  • Erik Sales – Drums


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