Asylum Escape – Even If I’m Broken EP (2015)


Label: Crysella Records

Review by Mimi Robins

Here we’re introducing  mysterious band called Asylum Escape. Sketchy are the info avalaible about this band that has just released their debut EP “Even If I’m Broken” whose it begins with an echoing choir, which I love. It lends mystery to the rest of the album and sets a good precedent, I think. Deda Von Miseria‘s vocals seem really quiet to me, especially in the first few tracks, an interesting contrast from the instruments, which seem to take up more focus. “Even If I’m Broken” has elements of it that remind me of classic Evanescence (think “My Immortal”). The chorus is quite catchy, and stayed with me for a few days after my first listen through. I really liked the different instruments I was able to hear separately throughout the EP – it’s something I don’t usually remark right away, but here I took notice immediately. It blew me away, as a matter of fact. The vocals, though, struck me less than the other elements of each song – the vocal lines throughout the first few tracks ran together for me.

The album picks up around the halfway point – “Sleep to See” and “Something” are definitely my favorite tracks. “Sleep to See” has quite a bite of dissonance in it, which I wasn’t sure if I liked at first or not, but it’s definitely a unique thing not often seen in this genre. “Something” is not as heavy as the rest of the album, and it’s a little bluesy, which I adore! It’s been stuck in my head for days. The final track is a reprise of “Even If I’m Broken”, something that you don’t often see in albums, but which I thought was an interesting way to close out, coming full circle like that. I liked the reprise version more, I think. A pleasant surprise, overall.

Rating – 70/100



  1. Even if I’m Broken
  2. Forces Within
  3. I Can Not Be Alone Tonight
  4. Sleep to See
  5. Something
  6. Even if I’m Broken (reprise)



  • Deda Von Miseria – Vocals
  • Raphael Regalado – Guitars
  • Ace Andes – Bass
  • Carlo Alonzo – Drums



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