Avatarium – “The Girl With The Raven Mask” (2015)


Label: Nuclear Blast

Review by Alysha Harden

Swedish doom metal band Avatarium are back with a brand new album “The Girl With The Raven Mask” who is their second full length album. The band is led by a very talented vocalist in Jennie-Ann, her strength and versatility reminded me of Katey Segal, a pure compliment let me assure you. “The Girl With The Raven Mask” opens with the title track bringing a lot of energy and giving the listener a good taste to the band’s style.

The lyrics for “Pearls and Coffins” are worth mentioning as I felt they were well put together and provided a little abstract entertainment to the album while keeping with their distinct musical sound. For a doom metal band, I did find this album quite mild over all. I’d feel more comfortable calling it a soft rock album to be honest though that’s just my humble opinion. If you’ve been a fan of Avatarium to date, be sure to get yourself a copy of this album as it’s certainly a more refined edition of their musical talents but if you’re on the prowl for traditional doom metal, I’d give it a skip as you’ll be disappointed.

Rating – 70/100



  1. The Girl With the Raven Mask
  2. The January Sea
  3. Pearls and Coffins
  4. Hypnotized
  5. Ghostlight
  6. Run Killer Run
  7. Iron Mule
  8. The Master Thief


Line Up

  • Jennie-Ann Smith – Vocals
  • Marcus Jidell – Guitar
  • Leif Edling – Bass
  • Carl Westholm – Keyboards
  • Lars Sköld – Drums





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