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Review by Tony Cannella

Formed in Brisbane, Australia in 2010, the symphonic metal band Awaken Solace has just released their debut album “In Nightfall’s Embrace” and it is one of the more ambitious debut albums I’ve heard in quite some time. “In Nightfall’s Embrace” features 14-songs and over 70-minutes of music with epic, cinematic arrangements and classy metal.

“In Nightfall’s Embrace” comes with some cool packaging and two CDs. The first disc is the normal album, while the second disc features symphony versions of the songs. From the packaging to the music, it’s all well done and it is obvious that Awaken Solace put a lot of hard work into this. The opener “Moonlight’s Wake” begins ominously as the kick-in and transforms this into a bouncy, up-tempo first song. The powerful second track, “Escaping the Beast” simply soars and is one of the best tracks. The power metal gallop of “Tomorrow’s Child” continues in the vein set by the previous two songs. Other highlights include: “Return to Avalon”, “Path Untaken” and “Temptress of the Desert Eye”.

The second disc is an added bonus and a special treat. The songs on “In Nightfall’s Embrace” have plenty of symphonic possibilities on their own and lend themselves quite well to straight symphony versions. These versions have a magical quality to them and to hear them done with the vocals sounds very natural. If you love symphonic metal tinged with cinematic score type of music, than “In Nightfall’s Embrace” by Awaken Solace should definitely be right up your alley.

Rating – 83/100



  1. Moonlight’s Wake
  2. Escaping the Beast
  3. Tomorrow’s Child
  4. Gentle Breezes
  5. Return to Avalon
  6. Path Untaken
  7. The Slaying of Shallow’s Queen
  8. Dream Walker
  9. Eternal in Time
  10. Dear Evelyn
  11. The Passing
  12. The Approach of Dawn
  13. Temptress of the Desert Eye
  14. The Final Chapter


Line Up

  • Maree Nipperess – Vocals
  • Elspeth Johnson – Guitars
  • Robert Russell – Keyboards & Orchestra
  • Taylor Quine – Bass & Vocals
  • Rodrigo Prazeres – Drums



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