BABYMETAL – “Metal Resistance” (2016)


Label: earMUSIC

Review by Warren Mayocchi

BABYMETAL are fronted by the energetic trio: SU-METAL, MOAMETAL, and YUIMETAL. They provide a red and black dancing and vocal spectacle that has attracted worldwide attention. They even have a set of Pop Vinyl dolls in their image. Key to the success of BABYMETAL is the heavy backing instrumentation provided expertly by the Kami Band who are very good at what they do and what they do is provide a metal counterpoint to the generally pop style vocals of the front trio. One of the questions asked about BABYMETAL was whether the band could build on the lightning strike of their first album to sustain a musical career. “Metal Resistance” answers that question. BABYMETAL, like most “beauty and beast” combinations, are fantastic because of the contrasts. On “Metal Resistance” the contrasts continue with good results. There is a music video for “KARATE”, and it is an instantly likeable song about fighting on despite overwhelming obstacles. Interspersed with death growls, metal mayhem and the charisma of the leading females – it provides a good indication of what to expect on most of the album. “Meta Taro” takes a marching, anthem-like vocal approach with a dark musical undercurrent, and rhythmic growls. “Awadama Fever” shows the carefree element of BABYMETAL with a song about daydreaming, it includes the line, “Chew, chew, chewing gum”. It is not all bubblegum though, many of the songs vary on a theme of standing up for yourself and your beliefs. “THE ONE” is a slower song with soaring guitar solo, a version with English lyrics and a music video. Though the lyrics for “THE ONE” are relatively bland, it does continue with the self-assured message of other songs, “This is our song/This is our dream”. BABYMETAL receives a varied and emotional response from listeners around the world. There are those who enjoy what they hear, on the recorded albums as well as positive reports from live music events. Attendees always tell how the band puts on an awesome live show. Then there are those who dislike the concept of BABYMETAL based on whatever principle motivates them. What a compliment to the band to evoke an emotional response across all types of listeners – artists everywhere usually only hope to achieve the care factor given to BABYMETAL. Probably best for the latter group to simply move along to something else, but, for the former, or those who are yet to experience the phenomenon, “Metal Resistance” shows BABYMETAL have the talent to keep entertaining us.

Rating – 84/100



  1. Road of Resistance
  3. Awadama Fever
  4. YAVA!
  5. Amore
  6. Meta Taro
  7. From Dusk Till Dawn
  8. GJ!
  9. Sis. Anger
  10. No Rain, No Rainbow
  11. Tales of the Destinies
  12. THE ONE (English version)


Line Up

  • SU-METAL – Vocal/dance
  • YUIMETAL – Scream/dance
  • MOAMETAL – Scream/dance

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