Label: Roadrunner/Atlantic

Review by Tony Cannella

From Baltimore, Maryland, Bad Seed Rising has already made their mark with their two previous EP’s. In particularly their last one “A Place Called Home” was very well received. The band returns with their debut full-length “Awake in Color”. Will that promise that they showed on their EPs translate into a solid full-length album? The answer is abso-freakin-lutely. “Awake in Color” is everything that you could have hoped for from this talented band. At a short 37-minutes, “Awake in Color” hits you fast and hard and barely gives the listener the time to catch their breath; It also doesn’t leave much room for filler material. Musically the band definitely has a heavy edge to go along with metalcore, alternative and more melodic influences. The adrenaline fueled opener “What Have We Done?” gets us off to a furious start. “Dexies” is next and is also an excellent track, and lyrically, this ain’t no Hallmark Card, that’s for sure. Perusing over the album, there is a lot to like, for sure. Songs like “30”, “Obviously”, “Fighting Gravity” and “Sleeping in Cars” became instant favorites of mine. After a successful run on this summer’s edition of the Warped Tour, Bad Seed Rising has parlayed that positive momentum into an unbelievably solid and consistent full-length debut.“Awake in Color” represents a band that won’t stop until they reach the top.

Rating – 92/100



  1. What Have Done?
  2. Dexies
  3. I Can Feel You
  4. 30
  5. Obvious
  6. Fighting Gravity
  7. Sleeping in Cars
  8. I Believe (It’s Killing Me)
  9. Spirits
  10. Horizon


Line Up

  • Francheska Pastor – Vocals
  • Mason Gainer – Guitar
  • Louey Peraz – Bass
  • Aiden Marceron – Drums