Barb Wire Dolls – “Desperate” (2016)


Label: Motorhead Music

Review by Tony Cannella

Barb Wire Dolls hails from Greece. The band was formed in 2010 and they released their debut album a year later. The following year they released their 2nd album followed by their 3rd and later (“Desperate”) earlier this year. “Desperate” rages from the start with the opening track “Drown”. The attitude and swagger coming out of the speakers is intense. The band definitely has a punk rock arrogance going for them, which is really serves them well. Songs like “Surreal”, “Heart Attack”, “Desperate” and “Darby Crash” are all strong tracks that are sure to appeal to fans of The Ramones or Motorhead, but make no mistake, Barb Wire Dolls are sure to cement their own path in the coming months and years. On “Desperate”, Barb Wire Dolls offers the listener an energetic, in-your-face and honest musical experience that is rare in this day-and-age.

Rating – 75/100



  1. Drown
  2. Surreal
  3. Take Me Home
  4. Heart Attack
  5. Desperate
  6. Blind To Your Misery
  7. I Will Sail
  8. Darby Crash
  9. Problem of the Poet
  10. Rhythm Method


Line Up

  • Isis Queen – Vocals
  • Pyn Doll – Lead guitar
  • Remmington – Rhythm Guitar
  • Iriel Blaque – Bass
  • Krash Doll – Drums

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