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Review by Warren Mayocchi

Take a look at the cover of this album. A white snake wrapping itself around a hand, red leather, a hidden woman staring at you, a red squiggle in the lower left (which is a hand holding another snake), and the title “Lost Girls“. The most obvious hint on the album cover must be a reference to the movie, Lost Boys. Released in 1987 the movie was about conflicts between newcomers to a town and the local vampire gang. The conceptual theme for this album is 1980s movies in general and, more specifically, vampire-like biker women roaming the deserts and streets of California. Musically the album is also inspired by the pop music of the era. Think Tangerine Dream, Men Without Hats, many other synth-pop bands, but most of all Sade. Natasha Khan is Bat For Lashes and it is clear she enjoys herself throughout this production. She moved to Los Angeles, California a couple of years ago and the location bought back memories of her youth through the experience of movies she watched. The conceptual theme provides a cinematic feel, probably most evident on the instrumental track “Vampires” – it sounds exactly like something which would have featured as audio decoration for an 80s movie. I can imagine listening to this album on repeat throughout a summer and it becoming beautifully entangled with memories of the beach, aimless driving through deserted midnight streets, romantic moments in the everyday with someone special, all underpinned with the distinct melancholic happy tone of the time period. It is a wonderfully nostalgic dream which is possibly a shared global cultural experience, we live in a time where a show like Stranger Things is deservedly popular. The best we can do is let the moment envelop us and enjoy this warmth, as all to soon summer will pass. Take a trip into the desert with the lost girls and watch the music videos for “Kids In The Dark” and “The Hunger“. If you enjoy the journey get the album, it will not disappoint. Looking back at now, Lost Girls will be a worthy soundtrack for these memories we make

Review – 80/100


  1. Kids In The Dark
  2. The Hunger
  3. Feel For You
  4. Desert Man
  5. Jasmine
  6. Vampires
  7. So Good
  8. Safe Tonight
  9. Peach Sky
  10. Mountains

Line Up:

  • Natasha Khan – Vocals



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