Bella D – “The Crystal Ceiling” (2016)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Sometimes it is still possible to be blown away rather unexpectedly.  Such is the case with “The Crystal Ceiling” by Bella D. That was the case with me, anyway.  Bella D. is an artist that I had zero familiarity with and after listening to her new album, “The Crystal Ceiling”, consider my mind blown.  This is some great stuff. It doesn’t adhere to one single genre, but it does lean heavily towards the realm of symphonic rock and metal. And, in addition to Bella D, there is some great talent on display here in various styles of the musical spectrum. “Breaking Free” get the 12-song, 56-minute opus underway in spectacular fashion. “End of the World” is another great track. “Save Me” begins with a nice piano intro and evolves into a mid-paced number with big orchestration in parts. “Dio Solitario Delle Notte” is a straight-up opera song. Other highlights include: “My Fate is Survival”, “There’s No Room For You” and “The Crystal Ceiling”. “The Crystal Ceiling” was an unexpected surprise, to say the least. The songs are beautifully written, performed and produced, and definitely worth checking out. Bella D is certainly an artist that is on the rise.

Rating – 95/100



  1. Breaking Free
  2. End of the World
  3. Save Me
  4. My Fate is Survival
  5. There’s No Room For You
  6. The Crystal Ceiling
  7. The Shattered Mirror
  8. Battle On
  9. Danger Truly Dawns
  10. Invincible
  11. Dio Solitario Della Notte
  12. Starlight


Line Up

  • Bella D – Vocals
  • Charlie Zeleny aka DRMAGDN – Drummer
  • Tommy Kessler – Guitar (Guest Musician)
  • Matt Beck – Guitar (Guest Musician)
  • Iakov Kremenskiy – Guitar (Guest Musician)
  • Oscar Albis Rodriguez – Guitar, Bass & Keys (Guest Musician)
  • Karl Cochran – Guitar (Guest Musician)
  • Matt Rubano – Bass (Guest Musician)
  • Greg Smith – Bass (Guest Musician)
  • Steve Ferlazzo – Keys (Guest Musician)
  • David Cook – Keys (Guest Musician)
  • Paul Morris – Keys (Guest Musician)
  • Joe Deninzon – Strings (Guest Musician)
  • Daniel Flam & New York Brass – Horns (Guest Musician)
  • Kevin & Melinda Brown – Upright Bass/Strings/Harp (Guest Musician)
  • Bashiri Johnson – Percussion (Guest Musician)
  • Daniel Sadownick – Percussion (Guest Musician)

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