Label: Despotz Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Well, well, well. What have we here? It has been so long since we’ve heard anything from the Swedish Gothic Metal Band Beseech, that I was beginning to think that they no longer existed. After all, their last album “Sunless Days” came out way back in 2005. Since the band has been away they have endured a number of line-up changes, including the arrival of new female vocalist Angelina Sahlgren Söder who steps in for Lotta Höglin on their long-awaited new album “My Darkness, Darkness”. The 11-song, 48-minute opus begins with “Beating Pulse” a song which puts the contrasting male/female vocals on full display. This was a great opener that succeeds in getting the listener fired up. The next song, “The Shimmering” has a definite full-bore goth approach. Beseech has always been great about putting healthy doses of hauntingly beautiful melodies into their songs and “My Darkness, Darkness” is not different. Other highlights include: “Bloodline Fever”, “My Darkness, Darkness” and “The Symbol”. While it certainly was an epic wait to finally get the sixth album from Beseech, it definitely was well worth it. “My Darkness, Darkness” carries the same passion and energy that their previous works did and more. This is a welcomed return from a band that has been gone for far too long.

Rating – 88/100



  1. Beating Pulse
  2. The Shimmering
  3. Bloodline Fever
  4. Mr. Uninvited
  5. My Darkness, Darkness
  6. Atmosphere
  7. Highwayman
  8. The Ingredients
  9. One Last Call
  10. Darksome
  11. The Symbol


Line Up

  • Angelina Sahlgren Söder – Vocals
  • Klas Bohlin – Guitars & Vocals
  • Robert Vintervind – Guitars & Programming
  • Manne Engström –  Guitars
  • Johan Örnborg – Bass
  • Håkan Carlsson – Drums


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