Beyond Violet – Demo (2012)


Independent Release

Review by Tony Cannella

Beyond Violet is a melodic rock/metal band based in The Netherlands. They are actually a multi-national act that includes members from England, Italy and The Netherlands. Their new demo contains just 3-songs and almost 12-minutes worth of music, but the band managed to win me over during that time.

First of all, for a demo the sound is excellent, you would think that it is put out by a big label. Beyond Violet’s line-up includes two females and two males. Lead vocalist Roxanne really makes the songs come to life with her high-pitched vocal style – even though she doesn’t offer much in the way of diversity in her style, she still has a distinctive voice that suits the songs well. I don’t know who I would compare her to, maybe Liv Kristine? At times they sound similar but there are also differences. On to the music: the best song is first. “Cybercherry” does exactly what an opening song should do, it grabs your attention. I was immediately swept up in the guitar riffs and infectious melody that carries the song. The next song, “Beyond the Fire” starts off with a slower tempo and has some great lyrics. The tempo picks up and the song is helped out by some great guitar work. The final song “Cupid” is the heaviest and like the opener this is a memorable song – and a great way to end things.

What a wonderful surprise that Beyond Violet turned out to be. Their new EP may have only three songs, but they speak volumes about what this band is capable of.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Cybercherry
  2. Beyond the Fire
  3. Cupid


Line Up

  • Roxanne – Vocals
  • John – Guitar
  • Ilona – Keyboards
  • Chiara – Bass
  • Merlijn – Drums


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