Beyond Visions – “Your Face is Familiar” (2013)


Label: Sliptrick Records

Review by Tony Cannella

Beyond Visions is a melodic metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was formed in 2007 and in 2010 they released their debut EP entitled, “Ex Animo”. Now, Beyond Visions returns with their full length debut “Your Face is Familiar”.

“Your Face is Familiar” is 12-songs and 46 ½ minutes long. The songs are relentlessly, beautifully and unapologetically melodic. The riffs are still plenty heavy and lead vocalist Rebecka Heijel has a cool mid-range voice that reminded me of Nienke de Jong (ex-Autumn, Dejafuse) at times. The riffs run the gamut of modern metal to classic metal and the songs have a like-able quality. The opening number “Everything Needs to Change” is a great intro to this band while the riffs in “The Promised Land” are monstrous and energetic. “Compulsive Liar” is a pounding metal track, loaded with venomous attitude. Other highlights include: “Feeding the Crow”, “Unbreakable”, “2141”.

While “Your Face is Familiar” may not be consistently great throughout its entirety there is still some serious flashes of brilliance contained on the album. Beyond Visions is a band that deserves watching in the future. On a side note, check out some of the bands videos on their You Tube channel. They are kind of unique and show that the band has a quirky sense of humor.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Everything needs to Change
  2. Feeding the Crow
  3. Unbreakable
  4. Puppet
  5. Septic Heart
  6. The Promised Land
  7. Compulsive Liar
  8. Leaves are Falling
  9. The Girl with the Yellow Dress
  10. Remains
  11. Broken Path
  12. 2141


Line Up

  • Rebecka Heijel – Vocals
  • Alexander Berg  – Lead guitars
  • Henrik Jansson – Drums


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