BLACK MOUNTAIN – “Destroyer” (2019)


Label: Jagjaguwar

Review by Warren Mayocchi

Renowned for their modern retro hard rock style, Black Mountain is back with another recording. As well as the enduring influences of psychedelic heavy rock, this time the spirit of seventies space/glam rock generally and David Bowie, in particular, is invoked across eight tracks. See “Horns Arising” and “Closer to the Edge” for a sci-fi sound with robot vocals, synths, and guitars fuzzing away. I imagine Ziggy Stardust would have been at this concert along with all his friends from Mars. See “FD 72” for a direct lyrical reference to Bowie with “How we all adored/The man who fell to earth”. It is obvious the group have fun with their influences and inspirations. Thankfully they are taking us all along for the ride. Speaking of “the ride”, the album title refers to a car, a 1985 Dodge Destroyer. The music video for “Licensed to Drive” is worth a viewing. It contains primitive computer games,  a mid-video tribute to cassette tapes, and an overall theme which looks to me like a mash-up of Meatloaf and Mad Max – now this is entertainment! With each song, a new classic is born so it is easy to enjoy an album such as “Destroyer”. Hard as it is to pick a favorite, I will anyway – “Boogie Lover” starts up with an irresistible front and fuzzy bass line, then come in the Pink Floyd flourishes, and, oh yes, the rest of the song. As always the band has produced an inspired work, drawing from many sources, but distinctly Black Mountain.

Rating – 88/100


  1. Future Shade
  2. Horns Arising
  3. Closer To The Edge
  4. High Rise
  5. Pretty Little Lazies
  6. Boogie Lover
  7. Licensed To Drive
  8. FD 72

Line Up

  • Stephen McBean – Vocals, guitars
  • Rachel Fannan – Vocals
  • Adam Bulgasem – Drums
  • Jeremy Schmidt – Keyboards
  • Brad Truax – Bass


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