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Review by Tony Cannella

From Indonesia, Blodwen are not a new band to emerge on to the Femme Metal Genre. They have actually been in existence for 10-years. They released their debut album in 2010 and followed that with a number of EPs and singles. This particular EP “Requiem for Odette” is not a new release. Instead, it is a digital only re-release to celebrate the bands 10th anniversary and it can be downloaded at Band Camp.

Blodwen are a very high caliber symphonic metal band and lead vocalist Bernice Nikki is one of the more talented operatic front women on the scene. The band fuses classically inspired compositions to go along with their bombastic metal sound. “Requiem for Odette” begins and ends this 20-minute EP of the same name. The first version features vocals and the final number is a hugely symphonic instrumental. In between we have the instrumental “White” which gives the band members a chance to spread their wings. This track has a very virtuosic, Yngwie Malmsteen kind of vibe and shows off a different side to the band when compared to the first tune. “Empty Song” is next and is another ballad which deftly weaves some beautiful textures and soundscapes.

As always, Blodwen is an exciting female fronted entity and a band that I am sure will garner lots of attention in the coming months and years. If “Requiem for Odette” sounds like it might be of interest to you, then head on over to Band Camp and name your price. You can’t beat that.

Rating – 78/100



  1. Requiem for Odette
  2. White 2012
  3. Empty Song
  4. Requiem for Odette (instrumental)


Line Up

  • Bernice Nikki – Vocals
  • Alexander Lexy – Lead Guitars
  • Indra Bayu – Guitar
  • Bayu Djody – Bass
  • Praditya “Cis” – Drums


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