Blood Ceremony – “Blood Ceremony” (2012)


Label : Metal Blade Records

Review by Luisa Mercier

After four years from the first release, Blood Ceremony, Canadian doom band is reissuing their self-titled album. Sometimes happens that some young, new bands decide to pay a tribute to old school masters. Therefore they compose albums that are very reminiscent of the past, adding their own elements and creating something which is old and new at the same time: an original music album.

This is what Blood Ceremony has decided to do, so we can listen to their omage to the old masters Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram and also the reknown Italian prog rock school of the seventies. We can also find a certain influence of the horror movies of the same period, both in the lyrics and the visual imaginary that the band has been able to create.While the band we have listed as the main inspiration sources for Blood Ceremony lean more on the doom or the prog side, the two aspects are well balanced in their compositions. “I Am Coming With You” is a good example.

Flute and doom riffs entwine in a magical mix. Vocals, flute and organ are courtesy of the talented Alia O’ Brien. “The Rare Lord” is maybe a little more doom, hypnotic, it follows its slow, magical path marked by the flute. The instrumental break is amazing. The following “Return to Forever” is the highlight of the album, the flute in the break is gorgeous and duets in a really effective way with the tuned down guitars.  A must listen, I have to say. “Children of the Future” has some blues influence and again the flute makes an amazing work in embroidering melodies with the guitars. The closing track is “Hymn to Pan”, a long song with psychedelic influences. Once again kudos to Alia for the flute work. I admit I liked her more as flute player than singer, but I guess it is just a matter of my taste in the vocal department. Well, what else can I say? Buy and listen to this record, it will surprise you as it has surprised me. I hardly listen to all those old classic bands but I really, really enjoyed Blood Ceremony.

Rating – 85/100



  1. Master of Confusion
  2. I’m Coming with You
  3. Into the Coven
  4. A Wine of Wizardry
  5. The Rare Lord
  6. Return to Forever
  7. Hop Toad
  8. Children of the Future
  9. Hymn to Pan


Line Up

  • Alia O’Brien – Vocals, Flute & Organ
  • Sean Kennedy – Guitars
  • Chris Landon – Bass
  • Jeremy Finkelstein – Drums


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